Embargo notice – Update 19/1/2019

There is an embargo in place for the sprint event in the Ōamaru city centre, please study the map below.

There are no restrictions on accessing the public areas within the embargoed area until further notice, however, the use of maps, orienteering training of any kind and route choice testing is not allowed in the area. The only exception is for those competitors who may live, work or study within the area covered by the map for running training only while going about their normal daily activity.

A total embargo applies to the published embargo area from 8am on the day of competition (Friday April 19, 2019) until course closure in the late afternoon.

This embargo applies to all competitors and other persons, who, through knowledge of the terrain, may influence the results of the competition.
The only exception to the embargo on the competition day is travel on State Highway 1 and permitted routes to the car parking/event arena and start. These routes will be published prior to the event.

People who have accommodation in the embargoed area for the Thursday night (April 18, 2019) must leave the embargoed area before 8am on the day of competition.

People who have accommodation in the embargoed area for the Friday night (April 19, 2019) may not enter the embargoed after 8am on the day of competition – i.e. you cannot check-in at your accommodation prior to the event.

With respect to the Middle, Long distance and Relay events, we are not embargoing these other areas as they are all on private land. We expect Orienteers to be respectful of all these areas and heed our request to keep the areas ‘fresh’ and equitable for all.
Print or download: Ōamaru Embargoed Area

Oamaru Embargoed Area w logo

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