More about our mapper for the long & middle events

Behind the scenes: More about our mapping guru Russell Higham. He has mapped not only the long event in Kuriheka, but also the middle in Maerewhenua.

Q: What year did you first start mapping?
A: I started mapping about 3 decades ago.

Q: What are the three Orienteering maps you are most proud of?
A: Maps I’m proud of; Auckland University (World Masters 2017), Fusilier (NZ Nationals 2014) and Scotts Ferry (Mapped entirely electronically, complete with Lidar contours). But I think the map I will be most proud of will the next map I make where-ever it is.

Q: What did you love about the area you mapped for Nationals in 2019?
A: What I loved about Kuriheka: It’s not often Orienteers have access to large areas of highly runnable native vegetation (Manuka) on private property. This is a truly unique area.
What I loved about Maerewhenua: Exploring terrain with a surprise around every corner. Nothing predictable here, a dramatic landscape.

Q: What are your best three achievements outside of Orienteering?
A: I had to scratch hard for 3 best achievements here are some recent ones;
1) surviving self-employment for the last 20+ years,
2) gaining my bushcraft instructors qualification,
3) becoming a LandSAR team leader.

Q: What do you do for a living?
A: Do for a living; Bushcraft instructor, O’ mapper, ONZ Contractor.
Used to grow roses for the cut flower market, gave that away 2 years ago.

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