More about our middle event controller

BEHIND THE SCENES:  About Al Cory-Wright

Q: What year did you first start Orienteering?
A: 1980

Q: What are your best three Orienteering achievements ever?
A: 1.
1981 NZ Champs – 6th in M15;
2. 1987 Swedish O-Ringen 145th M21AS
3. 2016 BUBO Cup Croatia – 1st M50

Q: What are you looking forward with the controlling at nationals this Easter?
The terrain for the middle is pretty special. Tough and technical. As controller, the challenge will be delivering fair courses with accurate winning times

Q: What are your best three achievements outside of orienteering?
A: 1.
Chatting up my wife (as though it was at an Orienteering event)
2. Convincing my kids that there is no life without orienteering.
3. Traversing the south island in a day (aged 30, 40 and 50)

Q: What do you do for a living?
A: Project Manager / Engineer in Civil Construction.

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