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Your Event hosts: Peninsula and Plains Orienteers (PAPO)

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For 41 years PAPO has been promoting and making things happen for the love of a sport that challenges both the mind and the body. We have nearly 250 members who think there is nothing better than getting outdoors running (or walking) a real-life obstacle course with a bit of a scavenger hunt thrown in as well.

About the sport
Orienteering is a pursuit that all ages can do.  It is family-friendly, and the best thing is you can be a winner whether you are eight or eighty. You will learn how to read maps and use a compass, and getting hopelessly lost will become a thing of the past. What other sport has a big social element and enjoys admitting to failure and (ahem) sometimes not reading things properly.  Although you can be out there on your own,  it is quite social – we’re pretty good at keeping it real, comparing notes and vowing to do better next time. Every event is a new adventure to learn from.

Not to forget that the best thing about orienteering is getting to go to places you’d never normally go to. If you live in and around Christchurch or southern Canterbury, PAPO is the club to join. Come and join in one of our events and check out our calendar. We welcome all-comers and even these events, the 2019 National Champs has courses for all abilities. It is definitely not an event for prima donna orienteers only.

For more information on PAPO visit our website   or the PAPO facebook page

For more info on the NZ Orienteering Nationals 2019 – Contact us here:

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