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We are excited to be able to offer three new maps for these events in a part of New Zealand that has rarely been mapped or used for orienteering before, and to supplement them with an area first used for Oceania in 2009 with the quirky but cute name of “Humpy Bumpy” near Earthquakes for the relay.

Overview of the NZ Orienteering Championship Events:

Good Friday 19th April | Sprint Distance Championships – Ōamaru (town)

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Saturday 20th April | Long Distance Championships – Kuriheka (forest)

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Sunday 21st April | Middle Distance Championships – Maerewhenua (forest and farmland)

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Easter Monday 22nd April Relay Championships – Earthquakes/Humpy Bumpy (farmland)

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In total, four days of intensely detailed areas with guaranteed orienteering navigational challenges. Each event will test your navigational prowess and provide plenty of challenges in new terrain. The course planners are looking forward to setting courses that highlight the unique detail in the area so we can use it to its full potential.

Information about the Follow-On events can be found here


Kaitiakitanga | stewardship

Access to privately owned property and care for it is important to us all as Orienteers. PAPO works hard to maintain good relationships with landowners, and we are careful to leave the land chosen for our events the same way we found it.
Please consider this as our guests at these events, and respect the environment and private property.

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