Long – Easter Saturday

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Event type: Long Distance
Event date: Saturday 20 April 2019

Landowner: Kuriheka Trust, Neale Family, McAtamney Family
Planner: Matt Bixley
Controller: Michael Croxford
Mapper: Russell Higham
Technical Advisers: Jenni Adams and Carsten Jørgensen
Chief Organiser: Sue Cooke

Map: Kuriheka
Map/Terrain Description: The Kuriheka map has flat-topped farmland between gullies forested in mature mānuka and pine. The open land is well-grazed with short grass and it is also fast running under all the trees except in a few areas where the light has penetrated and allowed a vegetation tangle. The streams vary from a trickle to a wade and the sides of the gullies can be steep in places with occasional rocky outcrops. The whole area slopes gently downhill towards the northeast from the main access road and there are quite a few farm fences, most of which are easily crossed. Expect to see a few deer along the way.

Location of Event Centre: Tulliemet Rd (45.204054S, 170.727282E)

Map scale: Varies between courses. Refer to detailed information below.
Contour interval: 5 m

Registration opens: 9 am
First start:
Waitaki Boys High School Auditorium, 7 pm Sunday 21st April
Course closure:
4 pm

Travel Directions from Oamaru (allow 40 minutes):
Travel South on SH1 to Herbert, approximately 22 km from the Centre of Oamaru. Orange and white orienteering direction signs will be placed at each intersection from the turn off at Herbert.

In Herbert, turn right off SH1 at Ord Street. For safety reasons on SH1 please only use this turn-off. After 200 m, turn left into Monk Street (do not follow the yellow road sign to Kuriheka). After 700 m, Monk Street turns sharply right into Glencoe Road. After 200 m, be careful crossing the railway tracks. After 1 km, continue straight as Glencoe Road becomes Tulliemet Road at a road intersection. In a further 350 m, the road becomes unsealed and narrows and steepens. Please take additional care from here until the Event Centre which is a further 5 km along the unsealed road. There are two short very steep sections of road that are sealed.

Do not use One Tree Hill Road to or from the event as it is unsealed and passes close to houses. Cars will cause a dust nuisance.

Travel Directions from Dunedin (allow 1 hour and 30 minutes):
Travel north approximately 90 km to Herbert. Do not use either Cullen or Burgh Streets. Turn left into Ord Street as signposted and follow the instructions above.

Course Details:

Course Men Women Winning
Time (min)
Technical Difficulty Length (km) Map
1 M21E 90-100 Red 13.1 1:15 000
2 M20A M21A M35A W21E 80 Red 8.5 1:15 000
3 M18A M40A M45A 60 Red 7.0 1:10 000
4a M50A W21A W35A 55 Red 6.0 1:10 000
4b W20A 50 Red 6.0 1:15 000
5a M55A M16A 50 Red 4.6 1:10 000
5b M21AS W40A W45A 50 Red 4.4 1:10 000
6 M60A W18 W50A 45 Red 3.7 1:10 000
7 M40AS M65A W55A W21AS W16A 45 Red 3.6 1:10 000
8 M70A M75A W60A W65A 45 Red 2.9 1:10 000
9 M80A M85A W40AS W70A W75A W80A W85A 45 Red 2.5 1:10 000
10 M14A M16B M18B M20B M21B W21B 45 Orange 4.0 1:10 000
11 M40B W14A W16B W18B W20B W40B 40 Orange 3.0 1:10 000
12 M12A M14B W12A W14B 35 Yellow 2.5 1:7 500
13 M10A M12B W10A W12B 35 White 2.1 1:7 500

* Course 12 and 13 times are estimated median finish times for the A grade classes

This map brought to you with the generous support of:oct-logo-smand our friends atdud ori rd1.pngLocal highlights: This is a farming locality 23km south-west of Ōamaru. There is an Australian connection here with a 9000ha estate nearby taken up by Colonel Joseph Cowie Nichols who moved here from Australia in the 1880s. He built an old stone stately home on a large sheep station in Kuriheka, which is now surrounded by tall trees. The estate’s outbuildings are of a quality rarely seen in New Zealand and include huge stables built in the German Gothic style.

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