Short but Sweet Sprint Relay

See the Programme for full details about the event

Event type: Sprint Relay
Event date: Sunday 21 April 2019

Landowner: Waitaki Boys High School
Planner: Nick Hann
Controller: Tane Cambridge
Mapper: Ryan Moore

Map: Waitaki Boys High School
Map/Terrain Description: A classic old school. Grass, buildings (although you won’t be going through those) and some gardens.

Map scale: 1:2,500
Contour interval: 2.5 m

Briefing: 5:00 pm
Relay mass start: 5:10 pm
Course closure: 6:30 pm

Travel Directions to Event Centre:
From central Oamaru, take State Highway 1 north, then turn right onto Waitaki Ave. Follow Waitaki Ave to the end. Watch for trains at the railway crossing just before the school gate at the end of the road. Follow signs to parking from the school gate.
The Event Centre is in Waitaki Boys High School. Follow signs from Parking to the Event Centre.

Event Format: The Event is a sprint relay with teams of four. All four members should preferably be from different clubs and there must be at least one male and one female in each team. Each leg will be approximately 0.8 to 1.0 km long with minimal climb.

A Note on the Name: The event will most certainly be short. But we will not be handing out sweets. Feel free to bring some to share!

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