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Maps: Broomgrove, drawn by Nick Hann in 2014. This map has been used once previously for the 2015 South Island Champs Middle Distance event. Broomgrove scae is 1:7,500 with  5m contours.

Sandpit, drawn 2015 by Michael Wood, Mapsport Services, for the 2015 South Island Champs Short Distance chasing start double event. Sandpit scale is 1:5,000 with 5m contours.

Please note these 2 maps are separated by the main road into Naseby.  All courses will use Sandpit, and the longest courses will have a timed-out road crossing and a map change to extend their courses across into Broomgrove, then come back over and finish across Sandpit.

Terrain: This is old gold sluicings with unusual erosion features such as dirt pillars, gullies and pits, covered in a mixture of Douglas Fir, Larch and various pine species.  Some single track MTB tracks, often difficult to detect after wind and subsequent fresh layers of pine or larch needles. Full body cover (for thinning piles and brambles in greener sections) and eye protection (for eye-height horizontal branchlets) is recommended for those on Red courses.  Orange course competitors are recommended having leg protection only.

Course Planner:  Jeni Pelvin (ONZ-Certified A grade Controller)

Course Controller: Myles Thayer (ONZ-Certified A grade Controller)

Contact email for this Naseby event only –

Start time: 11am

Fees for O club members – Senior (20yrs+) $25, Tertiary student or school-aged child $15, pre-schooler $5, Family maximum $65
Fees for Non O club members – Senior (20 yrs+) $35, Tertiary student or School aged child $20, pre-schooler $5, Family maximum $90
[N.B. each fee includes Ernslaw One Forestry fee of $10 per adult and for $5 per school-aged child.]
All SI hire: $5 per hire

Classes: Long Red, Medium Red, Short Red, Orange, Yellow, White

Local highlights: Naseby is an 1860’s gold mining village, at 600m altitude, 65km south west of the final Nationals Relay event.  The direct Danseys Pass journey can take 1.5hrs, as the road is gravel, steep & windy, with small fords. It is not recommended for trailers or campervans, nor for small vehicles under about 1800CC with little clearance.  If you can manage the trip, though, it is magnificent remote South Island high country.  There is also a fantastic pub to visit. Naseby has a permanent orienteering course – on an MTBO map, it is excellent for a carload of orienteers to do in a set a time period as a small rogaine. Another highlight is to try the local sport of curling at the year-round indoor rink.

Previous forest events: Naseby Forest was first mapped for the 1984 Asia Pacific Orienteering Champs. This championship event changed it’s title to Oceania in 2007.  In those pre-Sport Ident days, timing was done by the Army, using a walkie-talkie at manned controls.  Australian Mens Elite competitor Terry Farrell came in 2nd place by 1 second to Sweden’s Joakim Brinkenberg.  Both men completed the 12.7km/500m climb/23 controls course across the 1:15,000 map  in 111 minutes.  Warren Key, Rob Vincent and Steve Key came in 10-15 minutes behind the leaders. Kevin Ireland & Paul Dalton were the top performing NZ M21E’s.  Madeleine Sevoir was the top Australian W21E, coming in 26mins behind Swedish winner Karin Rabe, who won the 8.1km/320m climb/17 control course in 89 minutes. Anne Salisbury & Eileen Frith were the top performing NZ W21E’s. For a blast of O fashion from the past and to spot some faces you may still recognise, check out

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Alternative routes on sealed highways are via Ōamaru/Palmerston (2hrs/175km) or the long and very scenic route via Kurow/Omarama/Lindis Pass/Tarras/Cromwell/Alexandra (3.5hrs+/300km).

Entry note: entries for this event are taken via Enter O, as part of the Nationals entries. However, if you’re not sure if you’ll make it to this particular event, or you want to come to this event only, please email here. Please indicate the course you wish to enter by midnight Sunday 14th April so we can create a list of those extra to the Enter O entries who wish to have a map available for them. You can then pay (cash only please) on the day at the club caravan.
If you wish us to print you a waterproof map of the permanent orienteering course around Sandpit – see link above – to do on the day between events. We can disperse these maps at the Relay event. They are $5 each, payable upon collection. Please specify in the email which of the 4 maps you want.

Event centre – Channel Rd, Sandpit MTB entrance, 300m down from the Curling Rink.
Course Course length (km) No. of controls
White 1.5 11
Yellow 1.9 14
Orange 2.5 12
Short red 2.1 13
Medium Red 4.8 25
Long Red 6.5 29
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