Wanaka – Mt Iron

Saturday 27th April 2019 | Multiday length at Mt Iron, Wanaka

Upper Clutha Orienteering Club welcomes you to Wanaka for the final event of the series.

A big thanks to the landowner, Allenby Farms, for making the event possible on some very interesting terrain. Also, thanks to those who have offered to help out with the events, it really makes a difference.

Website: For any last minute information, results or enquiries please visit the official event page at https://www.orienteering.co.nz/mtiron2019/

Registration: If you are not doing any of the Queenstown events then you will need to pick up a timing tag from registration before your race. As this is the last event of the series, everyone must hand their timing tag back at the end of the race. Anyone who fails to return their timing chip will be charged $50.

Event Info:
Date: Sunday, 23 April 2019
Map: Mount Iron
Terrain: Mount Iron is an impressive, glacier carved, rocky knoll that rises nearly 250 m above the surrounding countryside. The competition area is on private land consisting of low kānuka shrubland with rock and contour detail.
Scale: 1:4,000
Contours: 2.5m
Planner: Fraser Mills
Controller: Ryan Cambridge

The map has been drawn according to the sprint specification and sprint rules will apply. See the legend from the competition map on the right.

Directions: Mt Iron is located between Wanaka and Albert Town. Access will be from the north, on Hidden Hills Drive which is off Aubrey Road.

Please park in Hidden Hills Drive. The event centre is a five minute walk further up the hill. The only toilets for the event will be at the top of Hidden Hills Drive.

The registration, start and finish are all at the event centre. Competitors may warm up on the land to the north of the main access track to the event centre. All area to the south (uphill) of the track is the competition area and is out-of-bounds.

Start Times: Choose your own start time – when you are ready, line up behind the box for your course. Start interval 2 mins.


10:00am Registration opens
11:00am First start
12:30pm Last start
2.00pm Course Closure

Classes / courses: Long Red, Medium Red, Short Red, Orange, Yellow, White


Indication only, details are subject to change.

Course / Grades Length Climb Controls
White Men

White Women

1.3 km 100 m 11
Yellow Men

Yellow Women

1.3 km 115 m 9
Orange Men

Orange Women

2.7 km 210 m 13
Red Short Men

Red Short Women

2.5 km 195 m 17
Red Medium Men

Red Medium Women

2.9 km 235 m 18
Red Long Men

Red Long Women

4.7 km 355 m 27

Control Descriptions:

Descriptions will be provided in English for White and Yellow courses. In English and IOF symbols for the Orange course, and IOF symbols only for the Red courses. Loose descriptions will be available at the start line and will also be printed on the map.

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 10.58.52 PMTiming System: The event is using the SFR punching system. Competitors will wear a tag on their finger which must be cleared before starting. A “clear” unit will be available at the start.

To punch a control, place your tag over the printed coloured circle on the green control units. These circles will either be red with SFR logo or have the Shotover Primary School logo.

You need to punch the start box to start your timing and punch the finish box to finish timing.

Maps: Maps will not be collected at the finish line, but they must not be shown to anyone yet to compete. Anyone found to be involved in showing or viewing maps as such will be disqualified.

Fees for O club members – Junior $15, Senior $30, Family max $70

Health and Safety:

  • Due to the fire risk absolutely no smoking or fires. 
  • Any competitors who fail to complete their course must still report to the finish.
  • Full body cover is recommended.
  • Due to some areas of dense kānuka, competitors are advised to consider eye protection. Participants are also advised to carry a whistle at all times. The emergency signal being six blasts on the whistle
  • The ground is steep in places and participants should be aware of rocky ground and small rock cliffs. Please be aware of rabbit holes, particularly in open areas
  • Participants clothing will be checked at the start line, and will not be allowed to start if found inadequate for the conditions.

Water: All winning times are under one hour and there will be no water out on the course.
Water will be provided at the event centre but in order to reduce waste disposable cups will not be provided. Please bring your own reusable vessel.

Waste Minimisation: There will be no rubbish or recycling bins at the event. All participants are required to take responsibility for any rubbish or recycling that they generate, to pack out what they bring and to leave no trace

Safety bearing: The safety bearing is north. Continue downhill until you reach the event centre or parking.

Note: While the competition area is on private land, there is a track that runs through it which provides public access to the top of Mount Iron so it is possible participants may encounter members of the public.

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